Beginning to Plan Your Wedding


  • Choose a date, preferably more than one, as it may be difficult to secure a venue for your first choice.

  • Decide what type of wedding you would like - large/small; ceremony in church/venue; formal/informal; number of guests; any overnight accommodations needed; sit down, buffet reception or hors devours. Making a decision on what type of wedding you want, ceremony mode, reception style may be as simple as realizing your childhood dream. You can solicit advice from whom ever you wish but you should not have more than two people making final decisions, more than this will be disruptive and will confuse matters.

  • If you are having a religious ceremony, determine if you would like your local minister/rabbi to perform the ceremony if it is out of town or if it is OK for the venue to secure one for you.

  • Once you have made the decision on what type of wedding, develop a budget.  Many venues prefer to understand what your budget is.  It makes it easier to assist you.

  • Plan to work within a budget. Decide on number of bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls and everyone whom you wish to be part of the wedding party.

  • Look for, visit and choose a venue which should be large enough to accommodate seating for all your guests for ceremony and reception and that the atmosphere of the venue is right for you.  At this point, it is advisable to hire a professional wedding planner.  Some venues, like Canyon Crest Lodge, have professional wedding planners to assist you.  Canyon Crest Lodge does not charge for this service.
  • A planner will assist you with all aspects of the wedding and make your special day much easier.  It is the planner’s job to ensure that everything is carried out according to your wishes and that of the Groom.

  • Once you have hired the planner, he/she should be the single contact with the venue.  If you are using a venue with a planner, then there should be only one contact with the planner.  Brides should decide who that one contact is (mother of the bride, bride herself, etc.).   Decisions can be made between the bride, groom and main contact but only one person should communicate with the planner. Mother’s input can usually be very helpful. You will be required to make many decisions but these can all be covered with help and advice from your planner.

  • Send out invitations to those people that you really want to be with you on your wedding day, save the date cards are a waste of time and energy. After a month you will know roughly how many of the special people will be able to attend, then if your quota has not been reached you can send out more invitations.

  • Either have your wedding planner choose a photographer or, if you already have someone in mind, choose your own. The photographer is very important as he/she will provide the visual memories of your special day and having a photographer that specializes in weddings would be to your advantage.





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